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Need more money then Request an online installment loan now 

the essentials in brief

  • Installment loans are easy to find and compare online. Banks often offer better conditions on the internet than at the branch.
  • For an online loan, consumers must meet the same requirements as for a branch loan.
  • Banks like to advertise with the online instant loan. However, it will take a few days to complete the application process.
  • For self-employed and freelancers who are rejected by banks, a personal loan can be an alternative.

So go ahead

  • Enter the loan amount, term and purpose for the loan on the comparison portal.
  • Get a first quick overview of possible conditions.
  • Pay attention not only to the best annual rate but also to the interest rate that two-thirds of all credit-seekers end up with.
  • Enter personal, employer and income data and get funding proposals from several banks.
  • If you want to be sure that you do not miss out on a low-cost offer, you should use the Verivox portal in combination with a second portal.

Cars on the Internet. This also works for installment loans: Instead of going to the store, offers can be found and compared on the internet. Online loans are thus more convenient and often cheaper than loans that you can complete in the store.

Cheapest installment loan online offers hold comparison portals on the Internet, but all banks are not listed. If you want to get to the right installment loan offer as quickly as possible, you should know how the portals work. Learn how to recognize the best installment loans

Use comparison portals properly

The first step to online credit is to get a rough overview of the market. To do this, first enter the key data of the loan in the entry mask of the portal, that is, loan amount, term and purpose. You will then receive a first overview of banks that offer loans on the information provided.

The screenshot shows an example of the banks with the best conditions for loan seekers who want to borrow 10,000 euros over 48 months for free use. Important to know: the interest rates highlighted in green are those that the bank at best forgives.

Thus, the conditions for installment loans differ

Even the most expensive effective interest rates are shown in the overview, also small printed and gray below the cheapest interest rate. 

The following table shows how much the interest costs on a loan over 48 months rise when, instead of the most favorable conditions, interest rates at the upper end of the interest margin apply.